Sales & Rentals

At Copyclik Copiers we aim to achieve for you, our clients a fast easy way to print, copy or scan their documents thus saving time and moneyRicoh Digital Copier for you. As a business you will monitor your costs and we will work with you to take some of the strain. Our prices are competitive and our service is flexible supporting you when you need us most.

We offer flexible terms and options whether you wish to buy, lease or rent. Our flexibility gives you commitment to your company with no hidden costs. We can offer you large or small equipment whether it is a printer or a colour photocopier.

Your business requirements tailored to you, whether you are thinking of a colour or black and white photocopier we are able to advise you on costs and savings available.

Is it better to lease or purchase, do I need colour or black and white?

Our promise to you is to listen to your requirements and give you the options once you have these you can then make your decision with us always here should you need advice or further clarification.

The common misconception is that a photocopier is more expensive than a printer this is not always the case, although the initial purchase price could be more expensive the running costs are much cheaper. When purchasing a photocopier, a black and white photocopier may seem to be cheaper than a colour photocopier but consider a reconditioned colour photocopier. This could offer you another option but you should analyise how many colour prints do you do, to allow you to make the correct decision.

At Copyclik Copiers we offer both new and refurbished photocopiers. There are advantages to both however if you have considered your requirements with our help and your budget we will advise you of the best available photocopier.

Call or email us and we will give you a no obligation quote, if you just wish to discuss your options, we will be happy to help.